Voice Over, Actress, VOCALIST, Composition

Haven't Worked With Me?

Voice Over, Actress, VOCALIST, Composition

Haven't Worked With Me?

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~ Need that voice over tracked 5 minutes ago? 

~ Looking for a blond actress who shows up on time, and can play equal parts June Cleaver, 

Rosemary Clooney, or  Uma Thurman?

~ Want a vocalist who can hear all the changes, knows when to come in, and can belt pop songs for 4 hours?

~ Require a voice actor who also does editing and audio-post?

~ ~ ~

Well hello! Let's work together! 

~ ~ ~

I have professional grade equipment and editing software in my home studio (Apogee Duet, Logic Pro X, JBL 3MKII Monitors, and a selection of mics), or I can come to yours. 


If you need complex jazz harmonies (ever looked at a chart arranged by Paris Rutherford? Go. Do.), or a singer who can do justice to Whitney, Chaka, Peggy Lee, and Annie Lennox?  

I'm your gal! I've sung with some of the greats! 

And not-so-greats.


Give me a good saucy character who makes you wonder what she has for breakfast. 


Happy to work in my pajamas while delivering final audio, - or - show up (on time) to be told what to do and how to sound, move, and look. 


I relish this creative work I get to do. 

And I'd love to hear more about your creative work. If this strikes your chord (pun absolutely intended), drop me a line below. I'm also a big fan of meeting new people over earl grey and macaroons.

~ Calley Bliss


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